Аудиокнига Maid Marian Thomas Peacock

Maid Marian - Thomas Peacock
Автор: Пикок Томас Лав
Издательство: Т8, 2018 г.
Серия: Top 100 Classic Books
Чтец: Гегечкори Роман Филимонович
Верстка: Посниченко Нарцис Изотович
Размер: 152 MB
Продолжительность: 12:12:24
Битрейт аудио: 128 kbps

О аудиокниге "Maid Marian"
Thomas Love Peacock was an English novelist, poet, and official of the East India Company. Peacock's retelling of the legend of Robin Hood is as fresh today as it was when he penned it, nearly two hundred years ago. Here are all the heroes and villains we know and love, recast by a keen Victorian wit Robin Hood and Maid Marian; Friar Tuck, Little John, and Richard the Lionhearted; Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Скачать mp3 Maid Marian Thomas Peacock.

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Maid Marian Thomas Peacock

Maid Marian Thomas Peacock

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